About AIPA

AIPA, k.o. (Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia, k.o.) is an organization whose primary purpose and activity is the collective enforcement and securing of the rights of the authors, performers, and producers of audio-visual works.

A license to regulate this area was issued to AIPA by The Intellectual Property Office of Slovenia in October 2010 after a 15-year period of inadequate rights management.

As of the date of issue, or rather finalization, of this license, the previous temporary license number 800-3/00-3 dated 24 January 2001, issued to Združenje SAZAS for collective copyright enforcement in the case of cable retransmission of audio-visual works, became null and void.

AIPA carries out activities under the Law on copyright and neighboring rights, license number 31227-1/2008-129, issued by The Intellectual Property Office of Slovenia on 11 October 2010, and contracts with and authorizations by coauthors of audiovisual works, performers in audiovisual works, and film producers of audiovisual works.

AIPA performs the following tasks:

  • grants permission for the use of works from the repertoire of protected works under similar conditions for similar types of use;
  • informs users about tariffs and enters into agreements with them as to the conditions of use for protected works;
  • publishes tariffs for payment of remunerations;
  • enters into agreements with foreign collective organizations;
  • oversees the use of works from the repertoire;
  • collects payments of remunerations;
  • disburses the collected funds to rights holders in accordance with the previously-determined rules of disbursement;
  • enters into contracts for the management of copyright and related rights with coauthors of audio-visual works, performers whose performances have been used in audio-visual works, and film producers;
  • defends the copyright and related rights of audiovisual works in courts of law and other state agencies, whereby it must report the enforcement of such rights to the rightholders.


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